Lex Bouter

Participation session11.30-13.00


Lex Bouter obtained a MSc degree in Medical Biology at Utrecht University and joined Maastricht University in 1984, where he trained as an epidemiologist and obtained his PhD. In 1988 he published a textbook on epidemiology, the seventh revised Dutch edition of which appeared in 2016 and the first English edition in 2018. In 1992 Bouter took up a tenured position in Amsterdam as Professor of Epidemiology. From 2006 until 2013 he served his university as its rector. Subsequently Lex prepared for a return to science during a period of sabbatical leave. In 2014 his tenured professorship was broadened to Methodology and Integrity. He is currently involved in teaching and research regarding responsible conduct of research, questionable research practices and research misconduct. In 2017 he organized and co-chaired the 5th World Conference on Research Integrity in Amsterdam and became chair of the World Conferences on Research Integrity Foundation.

Research integrity, transparency and data

Recently the revised Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity became effective. The code specifies ethical and methodological standards for responsible conduct of research. After introducing research integrity and its codification, the most important detrimental research practices and their alleged causes will be explored. The emphasis will be on replicability, transparency and its consequences for data-management and data-archiving. Especially the strong preference for positive and spectacular results is doing substantial harm to the reliability and validity of the published track record of science. That harm is done by for instance selective reporting, p-hacking and HARK-ing (Hypothesizing After Results are Known). Along the way, the pertaining standards and institutions’ duties of care from the revised code of conduct will be highlighted. 

Presentation of Lex Bouter (PDF)