Meike Vernooij


Dr Vernooij completed her MSc in Epidemiology from the Netherlands Institute of Health Sciences, and her MD and PhD (both with honors) from Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Additionally, she has completed a residency in Radiology at Erasmus MC University Medical Center and a fellowship in Neuroradiology and Head & Neck Radiology from the same medical center.  Since 2005, Dr. Vernooij is studying the use of MRI in the investigation of age-related brain changes, specifically those which may be used as preclinical markers for cerebrovascular and neurodegenerative diseases. Within the population-based setting of The Rotterdam Study, she focuses on the determinants and consequences of advanced imaging markers such as cerebral microbleeds, cerebral blood flow, and microstructural white matter integrity. Her work has been recognized with the European Prize for Neuroradiology (Lucien Appel Prize 2014), the Stroke Innovation Award by the Journal Stroke, and the Lourens Penning Prize of the Dutch Society of Radiology. Dr. Vernooij has authored over 170 peer-reviewed publications in the field of Population Neuroimaging and is currently supervising 7 PhD students and 4 postdocs. 

Population neuroimaging for etiology and prediction of disease

Meike Vernooij will discuss the rationale and general design of population neuroimaging studies, and will give examples of how population neuroimaging, including quantitative image analysis, increases insight into disease etiology and disease prediction. Common age-related neurological diseases such as stroke and dementia will be used to highlight how advances in this field affect disease understanding. Examples will be given how information derived from population neuroimaging can be translated into clinical practice, for example to improve (early) diagnostics. Consideration will be given to how the creation of (inter)national research infrastructures will facilitate this type of research.