Taco Gosens


Dr. T. Gosens is a faculty member of the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology of the Elisabeth-TweeSteden Ziekenhuis in Tilburg and Waalwijk. His clinical activities are focused on the treatment of upper limb problems. In research the main theme is making visible the gain in quality of life of orthopaedic and traumatologic treatments. Currently he is a member of the board of the Netherlands Orthopaedic Society (focus on science and innovation), member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the LROI, chief editor of the Netherlands Journal of Orthopaedics and the director of training and research in orthopaedics in the Elisabeth-TweeSteden Ziekenhuis in Tilburg and Waalwijk.

Clinical research in medical science: Interpretation of these data and future developments  

Since 10 years orthopaedic surgeon register the outcome of arthroplasty surgery in the Dutch Arthroplasty Register, the LROI. This ensures them of an overview of their own performance and a quality check. Furthermore, it enables the surgeons to perform research with the clinical data that have been collected by themselves and their colleagues. The first publications in peer-reviewed journals describing research with these  data and its outcome have already been published. 

But collecting data and performing research with these data is not as easy as it looks. Many strategic and operational issues have to be addressed like the technique of registration, the encoding of the implants and several legal (privacy) issues. Looking into the future, linkage to for example a complication registration could further enlarge the opportunities for quality feedback and research with clinical data by the medical specialist.