03 November 2016

Abstractbook posters 2015

The conference ‘Empowering Personalized Medicine & Health Research – Connecting Researchers, Patients and Enabling Technologies’ looks at the...
02 November 2016

Health-RI for one interconnected national infrastructure for Personalized Medicine & Health research

Health-RI for one interconnected national infrastructure for Personalized Medicine & Health research
31 October 2016

Personalized medicine @BNR Gezond

On Saturday 31 October, BNR Gezond featured an item on personalized medicine.
13 October 2016

Health-RI & its vision

Health-RI stands for ‘Health research infrastructure’. It offers a clear vision and roadmap to establish a single interconnected national infrastructure for...
20 September 2016

Developments in Dutch Healthcare & Research

The progress of technology, new research, more personalized approaches and a huge amount of data, make it hard to consolidate all information. Health-RI is the...
09 November 2015

Video interview HOVON online

The video interview between Gerrit Meijer, Barend Mons and Bob Löwenberg on his experiences with setting up the hematology network HOVON is online now.
13 October 2015

New ways in Research for Personalized Medicine

At the conference several speakers like Hans Clevers (Hubrecht Institute) and Niklas Blomberg (ELIXIR), industry representatives Nicky Hekster (IBM) and Milan...
13 October 2015

Programme highlight: Patients at the Helm

Marjanka Schmidt (NKI) will host the session ‘Patients at the Helm‘, showcasing examples of how active and early involvement of patients and patient funds in...
30 September 2015

Technical Innovations, Personalized care and Big Data

These themes of the parallel sessions will introduce you to new technological possibilities such as Heart-on-a-chip, molecular imaging, Next-generation DNA...
17 September 2015

Spinoza Award winner joins programme

Professor Cisca Wijmenga, winner of one of the prestigious NWO-Spinoza Awards 2015, will give her views on how building infrastructures such as biobanking...
07 September 2015

Registration opens

Empowering Personalized Medicine & Health Research Connecting researchers, patients and enabling technologies 4 November, Theater de Flint Amersfoort
07 September 2015

Programme so far

So far, confirmed keynote speakers are Hans Clevers , visionary researcher and technology innovator and Niklas Blomberg, founding director of ELIXIR (the...