06 September 2019

H2020 grant for a new EATRIS flagship project on personalised medicine

EATRIS , the European infrastructure for translational medicine, obtained funding for a new flagship project for sustainability and personalised medicine:...
27 August 2019

6th National eScience Symposium 2019

6th National eScience Symposium 21 November 2019 at the Johan Cruijff ArenA in Amsterdam The theme of this year’s edition is ‘Digital Challenges in Open...
07 August 2019

Opportunities of national screening programs for scientific research

The information and samples collected in national population screening programs represent a wealth of information and could help scientists discover new...
17 July 2019

Distributed data analysis with The Personal Health Train

A two-day event for researchers working in the data driven life-science sector
22 May 2019

Learn more about successful research consortia

ZonMw Personalized Medicine event on June 20th in Utrecht
04 April 2019

MG-NL identifies obstacles to use and reuse genomics data

MG-NL, the Dutch ‘mirror group’ of the European Million Genomes Initiative made an inventory of available genome sequences in the Netherlands. A first analysis...
07 March 2019

GDPR may hinder collaborations outside EU

BBMRI.nl, Health-RI and Coreon wrote a letter to the members of the European Data Protection Board warning that the requirement to comply fully with the GDPR...
06 March 2019

Using MRI scans to reveal early signs of dementia

Looking into the aging brain with MRI could improve the diagnosis of very early stage dementia, allowing doctors to give patients the appropriate medication...
06 March 2019

Finding new answers in old medical records

Do all young women diagnosed with breast cancer really need adjuvant cancer treatment such as chemotherapy or hormone therapy after surgery to lower the risk...
27 February 2019

Patients should leave hospital, not their data

Most of the clinical guidelines designed to help doctors recommend suitable treatments for their patients are based on ‘average’ results and side effects, not...
17 January 2019

National Health Research Infrastructure brings Personalized Medicine closer

The initiative for a national Health Research Infrastructure (Health-RI) is gaining momentum this year. ZonMw interviewed Pioneer Leone Flikweert of Health-RI...
11 January 2019

Treasuring hard won citizens' trust

Panel discussion at next week’s Health-RI Conference (Jan 17, 2019) will formulate ideas and encapsulate opinion on the need for collective decision-making to...