Personalization session

Optimizing the wellness of individuals by predicting disease and delivering personalized treatments

Chaired by Gerrit Meijer (NKI), the session comprised presentations by Edwin Cuppen (UMCU – Hartwig Medical Foundation), Paul van Diest (UMCU), and Xander Verbeek (IKNL) together with Ignace d’Hingh (Catharina Hospital – IKNL)

In the interview below, Xander Verbeek elaborates on his perspective on Health-RI. 


Dr. Ir. Xander Verbeek, head of health informatics and data science at the Netherlands Comprehensive Cancer Organisation (IKNL)  

We are currently dealing with an explosion of data and of knowledge. The knowledge from patient records should benefit patients and healthcare in an effective and efficient way, for example by developing decision support systems for joint decision-making.  

“Health-RI will help the Dutch healthcare system take advantage of this knowledge explosion,” says Verbeek. “This can be achieved with the necessary respect for privacy of patients, and without an unnecessary registration burden for healthcare professionals.” 

We need to make sure that the explosion of knowledge benefits patients and doctors alike. One of the essential successes brought by Health-RI is the multidisciplinary collaboration between doctor, patient, engineer, computer scientist and data scientist. We all have the goal to improve health care. We don’t stop when we have a scientific publication. We want to take these innovations into the clinic.” 

Verbeek believes the future of data infrastructure lies in a digital ecosystem between organizations, that grows when organizations join. All these organizations need to use the FAIR principles. “In the coming years, PALGA, HMF, BBMRI and IKNL will form such an ecosystem in the context of the GENONCO collaboration: GENomics portal for precision medicine research in ONCOlogy.” 


Parallel session about Personalization, as one of the 4 Ps of P4 Health

17 January 2019